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At Amistad Dentistry Cosmetic, Implants, & Orthodontics, we recognize the profound impact of tooth loss, which extends beyond mere functionality to affect your emotional well-being and overall quality of life. Beyond the obvious challenges related to eating, speaking, and smiling, missing teeth can lead to complications like tooth shifting, erosion, decay, gum disease, and discomforts such as TMJ-related pain and sensitivity. However, there is a solution: Full mouth dental implants.

Through the cutting-edge technology of full arch dental implants, we offer you an opportunity to regain your self-confidence and enrich your life. Our implant dentist, Dr. Thomas Taylor, combines his expertise with advanced technology and the comfort of sedation dentistry to provide complete smile transformations. Discover the joy of eating, improved oral health, enhanced well-being, and a renewed enthusiasm for life from a complete smile with full arch dental implants!

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Comparing Fixed Vs. Removable Solutions

When you think of restoring your smile, do dentures come to mind? While they were once a common choice, they have become somewhat outdated. Dentures rely on adhesives and suction for stability, a far cry from the durability of full mouth dental implants. Dentures can lead to jawbone deterioration, resulting in sunken facial features and discomfort. Their lightweight construction can make eating harder foods less enjoyable.

On the other hand, full mouth dental implants have risen as a highly successful alternative. These implants are securely anchored within the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for your rejuvenated smile. They offer a permanent solution that can stand the test of time with proper care and regular check-ups. With full arch dental implants, you regain a smile without constraints.

Am I a Candidate for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Contemplating the suitability of full arch dental implants involves carefully considering several vital factors. These comprehensive dental implants can be an ideal choice if you’re grappling with extensive tooth loss, challenges in eating or speaking, or a diminished sense of self-confidence due to missing teeth. Dental implants provide a secure and enduring alternative, especially if you’ve encountered difficulties or dissatisfaction with traditional dentures or other tooth replacement options.

While many aspects make you a candidate for full arch dental implants, having a consultation with Dr. Taylor will not only determine your candidacy but also allow time for all your questions to be answered to ensure you understand our implant process. Full mouth dental implants can restore your smile and give you the confidence to enjoy your life to the fullest!

A Complete, Affordable Smile is Closer Than You Think

Affording full mouth dental implants is a significant consideration, but there are options to help make this treatment more accessible. While not every insurance provider offers coverage for full mouth dental implants, we accept most insurances.

No matter the treatment, we will file on your behalf to help maximize your benefits. We also offer competitive third-party financing options with low-interest rates and affordable monthly payments designed specifically for dental procedures. Affording the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve shouldn’t be out-of-reach. Let us help you create the smile of your dreams at the right price!

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