Endodontic Therapy

If a tooth’s nerve has become significantly infected or decayed, a root canal may be necessary to restore the tooth. Teeth that suffer from this type of infection or decay are often very sensitive to temperature and pressure. They also tend to cause intense pain. If the infection or decay is allowed to develop, an abscess will form.

Patients who find themselves in this situation often have two choices: either extract or pull the compromised tooth or save it by having a root canal performed. Extraction can result in significant dental problems for the adjacent teeth, which means that it often causes more problems than it solves. A root canal is almost always the better choice because it will restore function to the tooth and mouth without causing problems with the surrounding teeth.

Our dentists may recommend a root canal for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Decay has affected the pulp of the tooth
  • An abscess or infection has developed
  • The tooth has received injury or trauma

Root canals can restore function to your tooth and mouth so that you can enjoy lifelong oral health. We invite you to schedule your next appointment at our Del Rio office so that you can learn how restorative dental treatments can improve your oral health.

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